About Us

About Us

LiftMach Asia Co., Ltd is a distributor only in Thailand Brand name LiftMach ( Registered and License trademark ) and Feeler from Taiwan and Nexen lift truck from England. Our products are handpallet Truck, electric pallet truck, and manual-semi-electric stacker ,Forklift,Electric forklift , diesel and Gasoline LPG forklift.

Our products export with more than 140 countries to the entire world. Because of its good quality products and most attractive prices. The company now has about the experience more than 15 years ago in this field. Our products got through the safety by TUV of Germany and got G.S certification CE by TUV of Germany and it passed the assessment by ISO9000, ISO9001, ISO9002, ISO14001. It was up to environment standard and GB/T28001 and got certification Career health safety the quality of the products of the same line in the world.

Our products warranty 1 year for free service and transportation and check 4 times with in 1 year for electric stacker and Free service onsite every 2 months for Forklift.

Now we have Head office Under construction at Nonthaburi province invest 20 Million baht Expected to be opened with in the early year 2013 .and we have branch at Buddha monthol sai 5 for sale and service

Thank you for your trust in our products and you will impress our service and our products